Image Gallery for all TaeKwonDo Club Events - Gradings, Nights Out, Seminars, Training Sessions, etc. All images are stored/displayed on the U.L TaeKwonDo Club's FaceBook page. Click on the following link(s) to access the relevant archives.


March 2013 Korea Trip - Miscellaneous Trip Photos
March 2013 Korea Trip - Buddhist Temple Stay - Golgulsa Temple
March 2013 Korea Trip - Training with the Korean Tigers
March 2013 TaeKwonDo - Karate "Switch" Class
February 2013 Cork Intervarsities - TaeKwonDo Competition
November 2012 ULSU Levy Referendum - TaeKwonDo Club Demonstration on-campus
October 2012 TaeKwonDo - Karate "Switch" (Combined Training) Class
September 2012 Training Class with NUIG TaeKwonDo Club in Galway
September 2012 Typical TaeKwonDo Training Session - Monday 24/09/2012
September 2012 U.L Clubs & Socs Recruitment Drive - AY2012


April 2012 Training Session with NUIG TaeKwonDo in Galway
February 2012 Training Session with NUIG TaeKwonDo in U.L
December 2011 U.L TaeKwonDo Club Christmas Night Out
November 2011 Silat Senai Gayong Seminar
November 2011 U.L TaeKwonDo Club take part in U.L "Fight Night" Demonstration

2010 - 2011

April 2011 U.L TaeKwonDo - U.L Krav Maga Switch Class